The EcoSphere has an exceptional track record as a promotional and advertising product.  As an advertising icon, the EcoSphere will constantly attract the attention of passersby and repeatedly display your clients’ logo.  This living world will be cherished and proudly positioned on the desk of the recipient between the phone and the computer.  It has proven to be a permanent desktop accessory, not dropped in the rubbish bin or stashed in the bottom drawer. 

Case Studies

Challenge: A nationwide health insurance company needed a concrete message of “Simplicity” for a new insurance product.
Solution: The EcoSphere was chosen because of its simplicity in design, functionality and overall look. Custom packaging was used to further simplify the client’s message. The campaign had an incredibly high ROI with an early response rate of 22%, 580% greater than the average early response.
Challenge: A media company needed a clever and novel way to introduce a new television channel.
Solution: The EcoSphere was chosen because it fit perfectly with the tagline of “Own the World All Year Long”.

Challenge: A worldwide telecommunications company needed an award for team members who created and maintained a new service for customers.
Solution: The EcoSphere was chosen because the team members were essentially the lights that keep the system running.

Challenge: A power company, one of the largest and cleanest producers in the United States, needed a unique item to send to potential investors.
Solution: The EcoSphere was chosen because of its strong environmental message.